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Sunday, 23 April 2017

BBC shows its faith in al-Qaeda after terror attack kills 126 in Aleppo

Paul Mansfield

The BBC truly outdid itself with a vile piece of fake journalism on the occasion of the recent horrific deaths of 126 people, including 68 children, on buses taking people out of the US-backed jihadi-besieged towns of Foua and Kefraya in Syria. The very first thing to be said is that the BBC in the above mentioned article (linked above) makes absolutely no reference to terrorism. It doesn't use the words 'terrorists' or 'terrorism' even once. The only thing we get is "bomb attack", "attack" or "bus attack". We should all justifiably be outraged that the innocent civilians of this henious act aren't even afforded the dignity of being named victims of terrorism.

The article makes no comments on the horror of children's suffering who made up over 50% of the deaths. Apart from the description of 68 killed, the only reference to this attack being unconscionable is a quote from Pope Francis, saying it was a "vile attack on fleeing refugees".

This is what you call 'de-weaponising propaganda'. The natural reaction of most people to this event is that it is likely the work of the "Syrian rebels," and such a huge loss of life would draw quick criticism of the West's support for these jihadi mercenaries. So to protect Western government assets in Syria, the BBC attempts to obfuscate the truth with innocuous descriptions, while pursuing other angles that subtly shift responsibility from the US-backed terrorists to the Syrian government.

To take the heat out of public rage towards the 'rebels', the BBC report states that "no group has claimed responsibility for the bus attack." But by saying no "group" the BBC is muddying the waters. We can say there are only two groups who could be responsible; forces under the control of Bashar Al-Assad and the opposition forces. But there are many different groups that make up the 'opposition forces'.

While it may be conjecture at the moment to categorically point the finger of blame, it can be said with confidence that it was very likely some element of 'the opposition'. While the BBC casually points out with a one liner that no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility, it coincidentally forgets that we are in the midst of an epic public relations battle being waged in the war on Syria. What opposition individual militia, let alone alliance of fighters are going to confess to gruesomely murdering 68 children?

Idlib governorate, in which the attack took place, has been under the control of Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (Al-Nusra) led Salafi-Jihadists since early 2015, who have imposed a virtual Islamist emirate in the province. The extremist ideology prevailing in the region only hardened after the agreement for hard line opposition fighters to relocate to Idlib following the liberation of Aleppo.

Space is at a premium in any article by the BBC, but given their scant coverage of the deaths of children, surely they have space to devote to exposing the extremist nature of the "rebels" who are likely responsible.  

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