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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Trump's Strike on Syria Driven by the Deep State

Comment: Let's remember also that Trump's daughter and her husband Jared Kushner and his parents are avid supporters of Hassidic sect Chabad Lubavitch, a racist, supremacist and apocalyptic movement bent on creating a "Jewish" theocracy and the needed conflagration to bring it into being. In truth there is nothing Jewish about it. They align themselves to no one but run parallel to Zio-Cons, Christian Zionists and anyone who seeks perpetual war at the highest level. 

Whether Donald Trump is fully cognizant of the nature of Chabad Lubavitch is a moot point. Certainly, Ivanka Trump and Kushner pushing to attack Syria takes on a whole new meaning. Regardless, it is yet another example of how the war machine and Deep State is saturated with religious fanatics now embedded in U.S. politics. 


Paul Mansfield

The US airstrike on Shayrat airbase last week, while limited in effectiveness with only 23 of 59 striking their target, sent a clear message to Assad. He is not dealing with the more cautious approach of Barack Obama, who was content to support terrorist proxies, along with an ineffectual campaign against ISIS. He is dealing with a man who has done a 180-degree turn from non-interventionism and eschewing regime change, to reactive, reckless strikes waged illegally in response to an incident where the facts are still to be revealed. It is the action of a man driven by emotions, not something that inspires confidence when that man is the most powerful in the world. Most significantly, it reveals a crazy streak, a man willing to court military confrontation with Russia, a scenario that could go nuclear quickly. While the speed of the strikes gives much credence to these beliefs, there is, as always, much more to the story.

In reality the strikes were the work of "Mad Dog" Mattis, Votel and McMaster.

With Flynn pushed out and Bannon removed from his post on the National Security Council, Trump's inner foreign policy circle are all war-hardened veterans, establishment through and through. While Trump may have made moves to drain the swamp, the swamp turned around and refilled itself. The neocons are in charge now. Agitators like McCain, Graham and Rubio finally get to see American power pummel those who raise its ire. They have been yearning this moment for several years. No more do they need to urge more direct US intervention in Syria; they may now revel in it.
An indication of the pro-interventionists is provided by Larry Chin who writes:
National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and Defense Secretary Mattis pushed for the strike. White House advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump reportedly also pushed for the strike. White House advisor Steve Bannon advised against the strike, and was rebuked.
McMaster is a loyalist of disgraced former CIA director and convicted criminal General David Petraeus, being a part of his inner circle during the disastrous occupation of Iraq. As Mike Cernovich says, it is now "Trump supporters out, pro-war Petraeus puppets in." Interestingly, Petraeus and Hillary Clinton are two peas in a pod in their embrace of military interventionism and American exceptionalism. Do we have Clinton in the White House by stealth? 

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