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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Vladimir Putin Spells it Out: Syria Gas Attack Was a False Flag Attack

Paul Mansfield

Even before the victims of the alleged chemical weapons attack in Idlib could be laid to rest, cynical western politicians, primed to act on a pretext to escalate the war on Syria, scuttle coming peace talks and subvert a Syria conference in Brussels, reacted with premature accusations that the government of Bashar al-Assad was undoubtedly responsible. Ominously, the accusations were accompanied with threats to take further action, ranging from increasing sanctions on Syria to taking military action.

Vladimir Putin weighed into the issue, seeking to restore some sense of rationality, judgement and caution against reckless actions which would have extremely dangerous consequences.

Alex Christoforou, writing for The Duran, sums up perfectly Putin's balanced position, his words of caution to world leaders agitating for swift military action, the same leaders hasty and rash judgement on the issue and how preposterous it is to believe that Assad could see any benefit in launching such a murderous attack when he is on the front foot in the war against Western-backed terrorism in his country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has seen the intelligence and unlike western counterparts, he did not rush to judgement. This is what leaders and statesmen do...they wait to get the information before rendering a guilty verdict.

In particular, Putin "pointed out that it was unacceptable to make groundless accusations against anyone without conducting a detailed and unbiased investigation. In the absence of one (par for the course) today Putin stated that the Russian intelligence services had information that another similar attack was planned for the Damascus area, with the intent of blaming Assad again.

Using chemical weapons is an act of desperation, when you are losing a war, not when you are winning as Assad is.

Three things stand out here:

1. Putin is the only sane adult in the room. He is the one who is not allowing outright greed and an agenda of pedaling interests of his countries corporate giants to justify any outrageous actions and blatant lies.

2. The Assad government is on the front foot and has no need to resort to acts of desperation. It would gain zero advantage, scuttle the political settlement, and incur the wrath of already hostile Gulf States, Turkey, Israel and western powers.

3. Putin is calling out Netanyahu, and clearly, others like Tillerson, Haley, Hollande and the rest of the merry band of reprobates for making groundless accusations. Moreover, he is slamming them for using such a ready-made pretext to justify escalating aggression. Their threats are diametrically opposed to the path Syria, Iran and Russia have painstakingly embarked on to incorporate all legitimate groups into a robust and sustainable peace. These destructive forces appear to have plans in mind, waiting for a pretext to justify enacting them.  

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