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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Ghost particle sent from deep in space could change our understanding of the universe, scientists reveal

The Independent

A single strange particle sent from deep in space might solve some of the strangest mysteries of the universe.

The tiny, ghost-like subatomic particle was ejected from an incredibly energetic galaxy four billion light years away. It could solve a century-old mystery of where mysterious cosmic rays come from, and provide an entirely new way of looking at the cosmos.

The mysterious particle made its way to scientists from the most extreme environments in the universe, and will give them an unparalleled look at those intriguing and intense regions.

Like the discovery of gravitational waves in 2016, the discovery could give scientists an entirely new way of peering into the vast depth of the universe. And just like that detection, it relied on scientists spotting the tiniest disturbance down on Earth and tracking it down to a mysterious black hole billions of light years away. 

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