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Thursday, 12 July 2018

The City of London and Grand Theft Ethiopia

Thomas C. Mountain

For decades now, going back to when Bob Geldoff handed over millions in cash to Meles Zenawi during “We Are the World” circa 1983-4 supposedly for food aid for the victims of what was then the Great Ethiopian Famine, the City of London has been at the heart of Grand Theft Ethiopia, grand theft Africa really.

Without a place to stash your loot, why steal in the first place? If you can’t hide your dirty money where no one can take it from you, why bother? And this is just what the City of London has been doing, laundering billion$, some say tens of billion$, of stolen “aid” money for the late Ethiopian gangster government lead by Meles Zenawi. War, drought, famine followed by more war, drought and famine, The Horn of Africa maybe better called the Horn of Hunger and thanks to the City of London what was supposed to be used to feed the starving, house the homeless, nurture the sick and educate the illiterate was instead deposited in the financial cesspool calling itself a “City,” population seven thousand.

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