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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Russian TV report: Propaganda matrix obliterated as foreign visitors discover real Russia
via Vesti

russia world cup

Israeli and Iranian fans hang out together on Red Square during the 2018 Football World Cup

The World Cup continues, there are still two more weeks to go until the final match. However, the championship has already improved Russia's global image. It's so impossible to deny the obvious, even BBC showed positive reports from Nikolskaya St. The Swedish officials who mentioned boycotting the World Cup now plan to come to support their team. Even the US President, whose State Department has urged not to visit Russia for safety purposes, speaks extremely well of the World Cup. 

Comment: THIS is why they tried to take the tournament off Russia. This is why they tried to get it cancelled, moved, whatever. This is why they conducted black ops like the Skripal Affair and non-stop fake news about how god-awful Russia and Russians are. They dreaded what would happen when 2 million foreigners actually visited the place - including around 80,000 Americans - and had a grand old time.  And now Fake News has come crashing head-long into Reality.

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