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Monday, 9 July 2018

UK officials show contempt for what voters love by ditching World Cup in Russia – John Pilger


Award-winning journalist and filmmaker John Pilger has blasted British politicians for refusing to attend World Cup matches in Russia, as the national team makes a historic run in the tournament. 

"Not a single UK official was in the stadium to see England's magnificent win v Sweden," Pilger, whose documentary work earned him many prestigious awards, including multiple BAFTA honors, tweeted on Saturday. "It's as if those who take the people's votes to assume power over them have utter contempt for what they care about, as well as for the truth."

Pilger criticized not only the ruling Tories but also Labour Party chief Jeremy Corbyn, who – despite being an outspoken leader of the opposition – fell into line with the government in shunning the World Cup.

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