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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Duped by Obama? Ask the Organ Grinder not the Monkey

I'm reposting this with editions as I'm so sick of people harping on about how Obama is trying his best and he hasn't had a chance and other ridiculous excuses...


"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead the two parties should be almost identical, so the that American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy." - Dr. Carroll Quigley "Tragedy and Hope" (1975)

M.K. Styllinski

The last article by Arthur Silber uses strong words, emotive you might even say. However, he tells the truth by not masking his words. It is about as objective a truth as you can get. This  truth is sourced from a huge number of innocents murdered for nothing more than the imperial ambitions of a rapidly crumbling USA. And that is the only legacy Obama has right now. There is nothing else.

It is a tragic reality that since the assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers there has not been one president that hasn't been carefully marketed and groomed for the whitehouse by essentially, a pack of psychopaths. There is no democracy in the US. There hasn't been for many decades.

With a vast $billion advertising campaign launched by the very same people that insinuated the Bush monkey into power Barack was catapaulted into the dumbed down and vulnerable consciousness of a primed US populace. The arrival of Mr. Obama was the perfect antidote to theBush-Cheney administration. He was an intelligent, African-American with a pretty wife, some cutsie children and of course, a suitably winning smile. The left, progressive liberals, African-Americans and other ethnic groupings were falling over themselves to welcome this political messiah. Obamamania reigned in all it's vomitable glory.  That famous catch phrase "Yes we can" partnered with the idea of hopey-changey oratory, feel-good visions laced with a whole host of (soon to be broken) promises and a tidal wave of anticipation and genuine fervour to leave behind the Bush Reich. It all seemingly guaranteed the success of a new, chastened face of America.  

Many weren't fooled. Most were.

The problem was most of America didn't read the small print that states the political system had already been bought and sold down the corporate river to nowwhere. The mere fact that Obama arrived in the whitehouse was testament to a future that he would fail to deliver. And that is the whole point. Until we realise that there is no Democrat or Republican party in Congress, only a ONE PARTY SYSTEM giving the illusion of choice, then we will never see the kind of change that offers a way out from endless wars, environmental degradation and the emptiness of a materialist ethos.

Obama has no real power at all for lasting change. Only change that is firmly within the confines of a very narrow view of reality, a reality that is wholly unsustainable and anti-human. Weapons manufacturers, the cult of the CIA, corporate predators and their Zio-Con lobbyists, a wholly corrupt Congress, the trashing of the constitution and civil rights, the myth of Al-qaeda and the phoney war on terror all ensure a particular agenda spawned from an Anglo-American elite.

These people are not like you and I. They do not think in the same way. Thus, they thrive on those who think that their tried and tested formula of manipulation, genocide, murder, torture, rampant resource monopoly and financial and corporate consolidation is just "misguided" or a "failure of intelligence" or that they have merely given in to the all too familiar frailties of greed and incompetence.

To imagine that it is all just human weakness and a lack of political will borne of socio-cultural conditoning is a dangerous illusion. Rather, it is a due to a comprehensive deception from the apex of military-corporate pyramid that is defined by a creeping and institutionlised psychopathology. It can also be seen as a complex networking of interlocking systems that are all following a particular perception of reality that is "entropic" in nature. Such a reality has been allowed to grow unchecked by our collective ignorance with the result that we live under social systems that encourage and propagate the erosion of conscience. The driving force is a minority of psychopaths who consider "normal" people as amusing and inferior; "useless eaters" and the great unwashed. To that end, schizoidal puppets like Obama prove extremely valuable in duping the normal people of this world in accepting chaos as a normal part of life.

I'm afraid realism is something that the US progressives are still sorely lacking in relation to their once bouyant dream-boat that was Obama. The reality MUST tell us that it is actions not words that deliver. And the results were in long before Mr. Obama was even elected. Glenn Greenwald summed it up precisely, showing us what it actually means to support the Obama Administration:
Yes, I’m willing to continue to have Muslim children slaughtered by covert drones and cluster bombs, and America’s minorities imprisoned by the hundreds of thousands for no good reason, and the CIA able to run rampant with no checks or transparency, and privacy eroded further by the unchecked Surveillance State, and American citizens targeted by the President for assassination with no due process, and whistleblowers threatened with life imprisonment for “espionage,” and the Fed able to dole out trillions to bankers in secret, and a substantially higher risk of war with Iran (fought by the U.S. or by Israel with U.S. support) ... - Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies

To support such actions is symptomatic of cognitive dissonance and an unwillingness to face the truth that the progressive left was indeed duped by the marketing and by their own appalling lack of education regarding the mechanics of political power. The Organ grinder, or the shadow government comprises of the Joint chief of staffs, elements within the intelligence agencies, international banking and corporate representatives, several think tank or steerage groups and many members of congress and media. These all make up a non-elected by highly influential body that decides who and who will not be President. Obama was picked a long time ago using an electoral system that is run on game theory, mass marketing and a wholly baised media along with the reduction of choice by supporting "non-candidates" and massive voting fraud.

You see, Obama may be a narcissist, with major delusions of grandeur, an egotistical, arrogant son-of-a-bitch who believes his own lies much the same as Tony Blair does. He may even be a psychopath. It is especially possible when you realise that during his tenure he's actually managed to surpass the toxic legacy of the Bush-Cheney administration by continuing and expanding their policies both in foreign and domestic terms and still manage to collect a Nobel Peace Prize. Surreal is not the word. (Then again if Henry Kissinger can receive one then anyone can.) Yet he is just a symptom, a natural by-product of the system. Our denials of reality will always come back to haunt us. The greater the denials the more painful the eventual shocks.

When are the majority of Americans going to see that Obama NEVER WAS going to change things? Understanding that psychopaths and their singular perception of reality dominated all political, social paradigms and were still in power behind the scenes meant that Obama never had a chance, even if his conscience was intact. It isn't rocket science. Many folks were saying that this was a danger even at the beginning of the Bush administration's "victory". When you know how the "nuts and bolts" of how the beast works, prediction becomes easy.

There is little point in sniggering and looking toward ones peers to confirm the reflexive, media-fed dissing of conspiracy "theory" when the very nature of military-corporate-political complex is conspiriatiorial by nature. Conspiracy "theory" has long since become fact since the creation of the National Security State in the 1950s along with the rat-lines injection of the Post-war, Nazi intelligentsia straight into the heart of the American establishment.

Does it mean we see everything coated in shadows? Of course not. But let's not look at the sunshine until we go blind either.

Obama, like so many presidents before him was chosen for the role that he would play based on his profile that was guaranteed to appeal to the pure-of-heart but willfully ignorant of the way the world works. Even now you see celebrities who jumped on the Obama bandwagon, - even when they were seeing the warning signs that all was not well - say they are "disappointed" or that they feel "let down" yet they would still vote for him "while holding their noses."  

Clearly, there are many in the US that have difficulty distinguishing between fact and fiction and willingly gulp the kool-aid. Touchy-feely, liberal-minded activism means diddly-squat if there is not an awareness of the political process and our present understanding of media-touted capitalism which is woefully misplaced. We do not have capitalism and haven't had it since the fifties. We have rampant and endemic corruption and exploitation. Geo-political manipulations in a variety of countries that happen to be an impediment to Anglo-American-Israeli world domination IS the reality. Terrorist attacks the world over are directly or indirectly perpertrated by OUR GOVERNMENTS with the help of a compliant media. Without this understanding which means some cherished beliefs must fall by the wayside, we end up being part of the problem. Despite what some fool said: ignorance is not bliss. It is dangerous and stupid.


That's it. In a nutshell. If you think that centralised government in its present form is redeemable then you are living in a dreamworld of the Psychopath's making. And they will love you for it, rather like a butcher loves his carcasses: they provide an income.

Obama is one of the best examples of a wolf in sheep's clothing I have ever seen. And those "progressives" who are still seeing Obama as someone worth supporting really need to get with the picture and start seeing him for what he is. If it howls like a wolf, it's a wolf. He is a representative of a system that is rotten to the core. It's done. Spent. Over. We have to start again from scratch and ensure that if there is to be something resembling an authentic electoral process or consensus, that the individuals in question must have led lives that are examples of life sustaining, cooperative, inclusive and just principles rather than the ruthless, violent, rapacious and cruel. In other words, it is not Obama per se, that is the problem, it is the very notion of politics and our socio-economic and cultural systems as they presently stand which mirror the perceptions of the psychopath and his prediliction for consumption and exploitation, war and elitism.

However, the first port of call in ridding ourselves of thumb-sucking belief-traps is to see that ALL politicians under this current disease of pathology are non-starters. Those that are genuine are fighting against a very filthy tide indeed. There are those that harp on about Ron Paul being the next President. This is simply a waste of time. The system will not allow it. Strike at the roots of the system then folks like Ron Paul (and better) may actually stand a chance. Which is why Obama is so dangerous. He was hand-picked for a purpose, but it was not to draw a line under the Bush-Cheney era. It was to continue and expand such a mindset and it's policies as part of a very long term strategy.

It doesn't matter if Obama is "just a politician" he is presiding over the worst erosion of US civil rights and liberties in history along with the the instignation and escalation of wars abroad the likes of which would make Atilla the Hun blush. Don't forget that it is this man who gave the go-ahead for an active assassination team that is tasked with taking out American citizens without trial and without the rule of law for God's sake! That is a dictatorship. Just beacuse you can still drive your car down the highway and go to the mall when you want doesn't mean that your rights are safe. This is the arrival of a "soft dictatorship" along the route of "Brave New World" rather than "1984." There is still time for these two expressions of totalitarianism to merge.

If you are still one of those reading this with a smirk on your face with the thoughts: "Gee this guy is extreme...Hold off on the sensationalism." Well, you simply haven't dug deep enough. And frankly, there's no excuse, not while we are now firmly racing along the information superhighway. It's up to you whether we crash and burn or start networking and making sense of all this mess. It is up to everyone to face the fear and put a cap on apathy.

Americans (and all of us) have been brainwashed into thinking that their social systems and institutions are not run by pathological folks. There is a reason why we repeat the same tired cycle of wars and disease, famine and poverty; economic boom and busts with the lid firmly shut on a more spiritual, creative and cooperative world. Many of us still don't want to see the truth that we have been comprehensively duped having willingly given our power and vision away to a minority of psychopathological individuals and "elite" families that presently have a stranglehold on what we watch on the TV, what we read, what we buy, who we elect and how our children our educated. We have followed the pied piper down the entropic road to nowhere and now it's crunch time.

It doesn't have to be like this. We do not have to be "normalised" to the Psychopath's world.

There are signs that the Occupy Movement, maybe heralding a change. But for that to be successful and for the human spirit to blossom and act as a much needed antidote to all the above we must revolutionize what we know about the psychology of the human and find ways to manage those anti-human individuals, to include them in societies but to exclude them from ANY positions of power and responsibility. Unless we recognise and engage with this truth, then ALL movements, ideologies and systems of betterment for human kind that could emerge from this new dispensation will be infected from the outset, and it will be our refusal to take aboard psychopathological knowledge that will have doomed us to repeat, yet again, another cycle of darkness.

Utopia is not possible. But a more equitable and just world certainly is. We only have to have the courage to step out of our beliefs together and have the willingness to re-enchant truth through wiser eyes and ears.

Don't place your trust in pathological systems you have grown up with. By all means, let's take the best that they had to offer and discard the rotten and the corrupted. But above all, let's not place our trust in government but return to having faith and trust in binding communities and the natural self-organising, self-regulating of ordinary people and the boundless potential for creative change.

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