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Friday, 21 February 2014

Broadcom Unveils New GPS System Chip for Wearable Tech

February 21, 2014 

Susan Posel/Occupy Corporatism

Broadcom has unveiled their first global navigation satellite system (GNSS), system on chip (SoC), for mass-market wearable technology at the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

The sensor hub on this chip tracks the user while monitoring their health and providing precise location data.

As the user becomes more or less active, the chip watches and records location and activity history to better assist the user in modifying their workout or daily life habits.

Mohamed Awad, director of marketing, mobile and wireless for Broadcom said: “Today’s wearables like fitness trackers have surged in popularity, but often miscalculate speed and distance. As the largest supplier of discrete GNSS solutions, Broadcom brings its location expertise to deliver more precise fitness and health measurements to the accelerating wearable market.”

The GNSS “is a satellite system that is used to pinpoint the geographic location of a user’s receiver anywhere in the world.”

This technology combines the US global positioning system (GPS), the Russian Federation’s orbiting navigation satellite system (GLONASS) and the European Leo system to find a specific location of any target.

In April 2012 the GPS division of Broadcom devised the 4752 RFID chip that could locate an individual within centimeters with the implantation of the technology into a cell phone.

Scott Pomerantz, vice president of the GPS division at Broadcom, explained: “The use case [for Bluetooth beacons] might be malls. It would be a good investment for a mall to put up a deployment—perhaps put them up every 100 yards, and then unlock the ability for people walking around mall to get very precise couponing information.”

These chips imbedded into Androids and smartphones would now become accurate locators with the assistance of signals from global navigation satellites.

The precision of this technology could pinpoint when you enter a retail establishment, what products you purchase and track you as you return to your car. Bluetooth beacons would give this technology the ability to see pings as you travel through enclosed buildings.

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