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Friday, 21 February 2014

Ukraine at the Brink to NATO-backed Civil War as West Demands Transitional Government

Comment: Excellent article. Gives a clear and accessible appraisal of how NATO and American backed forces are doing what they have been doing for many decades: regime change for resources. And in this case, to make sure that Russia becomes the new Cold War villain once more.



The US Independent

The Death toll in the Ukrainian capital has risen to 67, hundreds, including 500 police officers, have been injured by gunshot wounds. After protesters armed with assault rifles and handguns opened fire at both co-protesters, journalists and unarmed police, killing 26, Tuesday night, the Interior Ministry has authorized the use of firearms against armed radicals in Kiev’s burning Maidan Square. The situation in Kiev reflects the modus operandi that has been observed in Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria and Egypt. The foreign ministers of France, Germany and Poland are in Kiev, calling for the immediate establishment of a “transitional government”.

Kiev, protesters using assault rifles against police.

Interior Ministry authorized use of Firearms by Police – 67 Police Officers feared taken Hostage by armed Rioters.

Today, the Interior Minister of the Ukraine,Vitaly Zakharchenko, authorized security forces to use firearms in mass riots. The decision came after three more police officers had been killed, bringing the death toll among police up to thirteen, and after more than hundred additional police officers had been injured by gunfire. Zakharchenko issued a statement, saying:

“As part of the work of the anti-terrorist center of the Security Service of the Ukraine, I have signed the respective orders – the law enforcers have been handed combat weapons, which will be used in accordance with the law of  the Ukraine”.
After the announcement, Zakharchenko addressed the armed rioters and opposition leaders, demanded that the arms are laid down immediately and that opposition leaders dissociate themselves from the use of firearms. Stressing that this statement was published on the ministry’s website, for everyone to read, Zakharchenko said:

“The Interior Ministry demands that the extremists voluntarily lay down their weapons and return to peaceful protesting. The leaders and representatives of the opposition, who are able to make a sober estimate of the situation, must disassociate themselves from the radicals and must not support them any further”.
Up until today, the Ukrainian police had, despite the fact that armed rioters killed scores and injured hundreds, not been authorized to use firearms. The Interior Minister stressed that Ukrainian law authorizes the use of firearms by police;

“To protect citizens from attacks which are posing a danger to their life and health, to rescue hostages, to counter life-threatening attacks on police officers and members of their families, as well as to thwart attacks on homes, government buildings or specially protected sites”. 
Maidan_Kiev_February_19_2014_UkrainePolice Officers Held Hostage. The Interior Ministry stressed that police also are authorized to use firearms to free seized government buildings and kidnapped law enforcement officers and added, that Rioters have seized 67 police officers who are being held hostage. The statement stipulates that;

During extremist attacks on law enforcers, 67 troopers were captured. So far, nothing is known regarding the state of their health and their fate”.
While the Ministry and police maintain that the shooting on Tuesday was committed by Rioters, some media quote Rioters as stating that 70 protesters had been killed by gunshot wounds Tuesday night. Although there are images of slain protesters, the information is inconsistent with forensic reports which state that those who were killed had been injured by munitions that were not used by law enforcement. Moreover, the government maintains that it is only today, Thursday 20 February, that police has been authorized to use firearms.

Modus Operandi the same as in Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria and Egypt. A brief Review of Historical Precedence. The Rioters claims about the police use of firearms, killing “protesters” is practically identical with the NATO backed subversions in Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria and Egypt. 

Yugoslavia War planned since Mid-70s. 

The retired French Brig. General Pierre Marie Gallois admitted in a video-recorded interview, that the subversion and war against Yugoslavia had been planned by German, French, British and other NATO member’s top-politicians and military brass in meetings near the German city of Munich, since the mid-70s.

Please listen to the statement of ret. Brig. General Pierre Marie Galois after reading this article.

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