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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

False flag, blow-back, or incompetence? A FOREX look at Orlando Shooting

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This tragic event in Orlando is an opportunity to connect the dots in an ever simple global world; as explained in Splitting Pennies - key to understanding Forex markets and how our global financial system includes understanding international politics, and specifically US foreign policy, and how it is connected to the US Dollar as a world reserve currency.  Forex is information brokerage, both as a facilitator and as primary emission of that information.  It is by itself, information - as well, those who play 'the great game' use it to execute their strategem. 


This event, is a domestic event with no implications on the markets (although maybe a short term boom for Smith & Wesson (SWHC).  It's not going to affect Forex, directly.  But it will affect foreign policy - not by itself, but as one woven yarn in a policy sweater.  There will be in the days and months ahead, political aggressiveness to 'fight terrorism.'  This event alone, would not be sufficient to go to war with Syria for example, but in the area of domestic support of foreign actions, such events are key to seizing the hearts and minds of the average American, and in this case also the LGBT community - embroiled in domestic disputes of their own. 


The fact that the shooter was in contact with the FBI isn't necessarily suspicious.  The FBI is in contact with millions of people all around the world, connected to cases, and their daily operations.  The fact that shooter worked for this G4S, as reported first here on Zero Hedge - is highly suspicious.  Omar Mateen effectively worked for DHS, although through a subcontracted private company.  This is the "Department of Homeland Security" designed to protect us from such 'terrorists.'


Let's examine 3 motives: 


False Flag 


If you are one of these TV watchers that believe 'it doesn't happen in America' read the following report from PNAC (Project for a New American Century) in full here - note the DATE and note the SIGNERS of this 'research' that says, before 9/11:

Further, the process of transformation,
even if it brings revolutionary change, is
likely to be a long one, absent some
catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a
new Pearl Harbor. 
What an interesting coincidence, that a Washington based think tank that worries about a declining budget (because of declining real military threats) and declining power, should within a short year after publishing their report have the justification they need to increase their budgets and power by 10.  Or more recently, look at evidence of Sandy Hook false flag here and here.

So was this event a false flag - to escalate our involvement in Syria, Ukraine, or a number of other global hotspots?  Possible, but not probable.  

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